Now Hiring!

Remodeling for Sam Wo has begun at the new location. In the meantime, we are looking for some new workers (servers, food runners, dish washer, etc.) to join Mr. Ho and Juile. Knowing Chinese is a plus, but not necessary. There will be two shifts available: 7AM-3PM and 9PM-4AM. Please send your applications or referrals to Julie Ho at jho118[at]

We are also potentially looking for the next rude waiter. If you're interested or know anyone who would be a good fit, let us know!

Send Us Your Photos!

We would like to fill the new space with historical family photos of customers who grew up dining at Sam Wo. If you have any to share, please email them to[at] for review.

If selected, we may ask to borrow them, so a higher resolution scan can be made for enlargement.

Did You Meet or Know Edsel Ford Fong?

We are interested in interviewing anyone who met or knew Edsel Ford Fong. Would particularly like to hear stories about his rudeness. Please contact[at] There is a potential consultant opportunity.