A few months ago, almost every TV station, radio and print media covered the closure of Sam Wo Restaurant, which has been part of the Chinatown community for well over a hundred years. It was a very sad moment as hundreds of people lined up to savor their last meal at this historical institution. Generations of families in the community and visitors from all over the world have had very fond memories eating at this establishment.

Over the past few months, the owners of Sam Wo (the Ho Family) has been working in collaboration with the Chinatown Community Development Center, Asian Neighborhood Design, the assistance from District 3 Supervisor David Chiu’s Office, the Department of Building Inspection, the Health Department and the San Francisco Fire Department to formulate a plan. Now it looks like a plan has been “put in place”.

The Ho Family and Building Owner of Sam Wo need to “reconstruct” the kitchen and bring ‘up-to-code” some building issues in order to reopen the restaurant. It is now feasible to reconstruct the building and business. In order to do so, the initial goal is to raise $15,000 for the architectural design/ plans and to secure the permits needed to start construction work on Sam Wo. The actual construction and equipment cost has yet to be determined.