Chase Grant, New Plans, and Fundraisers

Hiiiii Everyone!! It’s been a long while and thank you all for being so patient. Now..time for an UPDATE!!~

The $250k Chase Grant. Unfortunately, Sam Wo did not get the grant. My family and I would once again like to THANK YOU ALL for your support and effort in getting the word out. Again, we really felt the love. :)

However, we have been very fortunate to have been receiving a tremendous amount of help from Chinatown Community Development Center (CCDC), Asian Neighborhood Design (AND), and AmOne which could not have happened without the help from David Chiu’s office. To say the least, a lot of meetings and brain power was used the past few months to obtain approvals for the new plans for Sam Wo in order for the building and kitchen space to be up to code.

And. To make a long story short, we will not be using any public funded money to renew Sam Wo. So, last but not least…

There will be fundraising events!! The first fundraising event will be held on Saturday, Sept 29th, 2012 at the Donaldina Cameron House in SF Chinatown. It will be a luncheon from 12-2pm. Details of the event is TBA.

Please check our Facebook page for more fundraising details as they become available:

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4 comments on “Chase Grant, New Plans, and Fundraisers
  1. albrecht selugga says:

    Since 1991 – our first visit to the USA and San Francisco from Germany – we went to Sam Wo a lot of times. A meal at Sam Wo was a MUST every time we stayed in this wonderful city. We enjoyed the meals, the prices and the waitresses (rude in 1991, later tamed a little…). We recommended it to every of our friends who was going to SF (feed-backs were mostely positive). We were shocked, when we found “our” Sam Wo closed, when we wanted to visit it in July 2012. Please try hard to reopen it. The next time we visit SF China Town we expect Sam Wo in old splendour!!!

  2. David says:

    I first went to Sam Wo in 1968. Ten years later I went to College two blocks away (Cogswell, now the Ritz) Ate my lunch in the Wo Kitchen. When it was a final exam day, I had the raw fish salad!
    Graduated Magna Cum Laude @3.8, must have been the food! DAVID

  3. Ben says:

    I first discovered Sam Wo’s when my sister cousin and i were on one of our usual china town adventures at the young age of 15, and were amazed by its ambiance, in the odd rickety building, turn of the century technology and the most delicious food ever. Since then Sam Wo’s became a must go to every time we were in the city, just having fun exploring and shopping, birthdays, group dates, and as we grew older after raves and concerts a delicious meal could always be found at sam wo’s. i miss it all the graffitied walls, the tiny tables, dixie cups with water, the young mischevious waiters giving all my black friends chopsticks and snickering at them unable to eat, the cute young waitresses who barely spoke english.
    i am glad i had the chance to be there closing day, and i cant wait to go back and have bbq pork fried rice again once the restuaraunt is reopened

  4. Ben says:


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